Whole Foods Embraces the Ski Chair Decor

When the Park City Whole Foods opened last October they not only included the first tap room in Utah, but continued the trend of incorporating ski chair lifts in commercial spaces. The goal of this new 43,000 square foot location was to create an inviting place to shop as well as a space for people to build community. 

Park City Whole Foods


Making up a large chunk of the store's 100-seat food venue is a group of classic Hall Lift chairs converted into booths. With room for four at a table, it's sure to keep customers lingering a little longer to share stories of their past ski adventures. 

Looking to create your own iconic space? Our Hall Lifts are the same as the ones pictured here. Ski Lift Designs strives to help our commercial clients create unique spaces that not only catch the eye, but entice people to interact with a space. 

A Whole Foods rep said, "We hope everyone can come celebrate this new gathering place where everyone can meet and share their love of food! We'll definitely be in to visit this location next time we're in town!

- SLD Team 

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