Our Process


We source our chairs from ski resorts across the United States and Canada, where they've lived a past life, and prepare them for a new purpose.


Chairlifts are washed with a high-pressure mixture of water, sand, and proppant. This abrasive mixture removes rust and paint layers bringing the original steel and construction to the surface.


After your project has been finalized Ski Lift Designs incorporates any custom modifications and height adjustments to the bare chair. Our fabricators build and fit your mounting bracket.

Powder Coating

During powder coating, a negatively charged power source is attached to the metal chair before technicians apply multiple layers of positively charged ceramic paint flakes for an enhanced bond. Following application, the chair is baked at 750 degrees, creating a durable and vibrant finish.

Assembly Preparation

The final chair is mated up with the desired seat style and installation kit to ensure a precise fit before we disassemble the chair and ship it direct to your home and ready for installation.
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