Refurbished quad chairlift
Quad chairlift
Aspen chairlift for sale
Aspen quad chairlift
Quad ski lift for sale
Aspen big burn chairlift
Product image 1Refurbished quad chairlift
Product image 2Quad chairlift
Product image 3Aspen chairlift for sale
Product image 4Aspen quad chairlift
Product image 5Quad ski lift for sale
Product image 6Aspen big burn chairlift

Aspen Snowmass Quad Chair

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Own a piece of Aspen Snowmass history.

In operation for 33 years, the Big Burn Quad Chair at Aspen Snowmass shuttled hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of skiers to some of the most popular terrain on the mountain.  

Big Burn's namesake came from a massive fire that tore across the mountain in the 1880's.  There is dispute over the origin of the fire.  Some say it was lightning, but others contend it was started by ranchers trying to clear land.  Another camp asserts the fire was started by Native Americans of the Ute tribe in an attempt to discourage settlers from moving in. 

Anyone familiar with Aspen Snowmass certainly took at least a ride or two on the legendary Big Burn lift and this is a limited opportunity to preserve not only a piece of history but to have a permanent capsule of fond memories of days spent knee deep in Snowmass in your business or home. 






69" (no neck) 


400 lbs
CAPACITY 4 person

Seat Styles

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All wood is hand selected for its superior cut and unique grain/texture by Ski Lift Designs craftsman. We then go through a process of milling, sanding, and finishing each seat with 3x coats of all purpose marine varnish to ensure durability that'll stand the test of time.


White Oak Wood

Straight-grained with a classic coarse texture that is popular with consumers. White Oak’s color ranges from light brown to a rich blond. Selected for its superior performance in outdoor environments, White Oak will stand up to the harshest sun or winter storm.


Brazilian Ipe Wood

From rich red to reddish brown, Brazilian Ipe's  unique color is a great compliment to any ski lift. Uniform grain produces a smooth satin finish which is complimented by growth knots and natural dark pitch specks. Brazilian Ipe is a high density hardwood supplying superior outdoor rot resistance with the highest range of durability. 


Walnut Wood

Walnut ranges from a lighter pale brown to a dark chocolate brown with darker brown streaks. Color can sometimes have grey, purple, or reddish highlights adding unmatched character. Fine grain results in a smooth finish and natural luster. Walnut is a medium-high density hardwood with a tight grain structure. Less impact resistant than White Oak, but more resistant that Cherry. 


Metal seats draws attention to the industrial aspects of the chair,  while maintaining a clean, minimalist look for any setting. UV protection oxidation resistance offered by the powder coat keeps your chair color bright no matter how long it is exposed to the elements. 


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Our powder-coat process ensures an evenly balanced and rich finish on every chair. The following colors are available as standard options though we're happy to work on a specific color. Simply contact us to learn more.

Arctic White
Hunter Green
Mojave Yellow
Royal Blue
Cardinal Red
Slate Gray
Burnt Orange

Installation Kits

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We offer 4 standard installation kits that range from versatility to an authentic ski chair feel and everything in between. Each installation kit comes with comprehensive installation instructions which you can find our Help Center.


Standard Ceiling Mount

The Standard Ceiling Mount is the perfect mount when you have a dedicated space that requires less lateral movement. The mount hangs from a plate that's bolted into your ceiling.

Swivel Ceiling Mount

The Swivel Ceiling Mount is perfect for spaces where you might want to change which direction faces forward. The mount hangs from a plate that's bolted into your ceiling offering a 360 swivel experience.

Cable Grab Ceiling Mount

The Cable Grab Ceiling Mount offers the most authentic ski lift experience mimicking the installation you find on most lifts still today. This mount hangs from a secured rod that's connected to two plates bolted into your ceiling. 


Bench Style

The Bench Style is our most versatile chair capable of filling any space with a rustic, wintery piece. This mount comes standard without the frame and stands on 4 legs angled to the floor. 

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