Our Team

A few friends united by a shared passion for powder days, hidden steeps, and an occasional beer on the ride to the top.

Nick Kunsman, Head of Operations

Nick grew up in Pennsylvania and moved to Colorado with his now wife, Trisha, 9 years ago to explore the mountains and streams. An avid angler and skier, Nick is the backbone of the operation here at Ski Lift Designs. A talented welder, carpenter, and jack-of-all trades, he is responsible for the fine craftsmanship evident in each chair that goes out the door.

Trisha Kunsman, Owner & Head of Marketing

Trisha was lucky enough to grow up in a family who devoted their winters to skiing. Her love for the mountains grew with every trip out west and she followed her heart in 2014, leaving NYC for CO. Trisha has equal love for digital marketing, which makes brainstorming new ways to advertise and grow Ski Lift Designs into a dream job.

Dom Nicotra, Head of Sales & Legal

Dom grew up on the east coast, but moved to Tahoe after college to pursue his passion for snowboarding live a ski-town life. Later, while applying to law school, a hard requirement was to be able to snowboard whenever possible. After a few years of private practice, he joined Ski Lift Designs to combine his career with his passion.

The OG Founders

These brilliant folks not only laid the groundwork for this business, but are incredible people as well. All remain involved in our business behind the scenes, despite the call of the wild pulling them in other professional directions.

Jacques Boiteau

Jacques grew up skiing the resorts and backcountry in the Big Sky State of Montana. When not working on chairlifts, Jacques fly-fishes, mountain bikes, and skis with his wife McCall. An engineer and a craftsman at heart, Jacques commits himself to refurbishing each chairlift with care and precision.

Matt Evans & Donuts

Matt & Donuts were Co-founders and the brains behind the business (mostly Donuts).

McCall Perry

McCall's favorite place to be is in the mountains. She grew up skiing in Maine and moved to Denver after college. As the co-founder of Ski Lift Designs, she has loved turning a passion into a business. When it comes to sourcing vintage chairlifts, she'll take any excuse to for an adventure and the chance to ski a new mountain.
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