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We believe the ride up is just as important as the run down. There's no better place to crack a beer and catch up with friends, than a double chair ride to the top. Bring that experience home.

First introduced in 1936, chairlifts have ferried countless skiers up mountains over the years. Historically moving at a leisurely pace and only allowing for two riders to sit side-by-side, traditional two-seat or double chairlifts offer more than just transport, they provide an opportunity for skiers to connect while enjoying mountain views and fresh air.

Unfortunately, more and more resorts are replacing their historic double chairlifts with high-speed quads, placing vertical feet and convenience above conversation and self-reflection.

At Ski Lift Designs, we’re a passionate group of skiers and outdoorsmen that seek to preserve that history and package double chair ski lifts into an artistic piece of furniture worthy of your home. We’ve obsessed over every detail from their original design, to materials selection, balance point, durability and installation kits – so you can enjoy your double chair for years to come. We invite you to browse our inventory or contact us for a custom project that's specific to your home.

Jacques, Nick, & Domenic

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