Lift Profile: Limelight Riblet At Discovery

As the 2018 season is well under way, the team at Ski Lift Designs is getting the itch to hit the road and find some fresh tracks. We thought we would give you a tip on one of the West's hidden gems with our profile of the Limelight Center Post.  - SLD 

Few lifts in the west offer the continuous steeps that are accessed from the Limelight Lift at Discovery Ski Area in Phillipsburg, Montana. With names like Snaggle Tooth, Terminator, and Spooky Hallow, this Riblets center post chair services exclusively black and double black diamonds. The terrain is on the north facing aspect of Rumsey mountain and is comprised of thinned tree glades, giving new snow shelter from both sun and wind.  Discovery’s website describes it as:

For hardcore steeps, Limelight is it. This north-facing area is true double black with treed slopes, narrow chutes and virtual free-falls that give way to fields of powder. You’ll think you’ve dropped into a Teton Gravity Research film.”

Named after the original lift from Sun Valley, ID the Limelight Trail is a black diamond that straddles a ridge line offering exits both left and right to the steep goods! Riders beware: mandatory Hollywood lines are not for the faint of heart, self-conscious skiers need not apply!

If you do find yourself in the neighborhood, make sure to take in this true classic ski area. And if you find yourself missing the center post life, we can help you out with a genuine original for your front porch

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  • Struck by the creativity of using ski lift chairs as twin bead headboards! No doubt it would promote great skiing dreams.
    Beautiful company products, keep up the great reuse of ski lift chairs. SJG

    Susan Jones Gasman

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