Rocky Mountains


"This is more than a piece of furniture."

"Ski Lift Designs brings the mountains home with its custom chairlifts"
Every skier treasures the chairlift. Of all the ways to reach a mountaintop, there’s something unique and peaceful about gliding through the sky on a couch next to your best friends, or a stranger with a few good stories.

"Denver-based Ski Lift Designs Makes Cool Furniture Out of Old Chairlifts"
We're not lucky enough to be living in Aspen or Vail. It's a great feeling to bring that to your house in Denver or Colorado Springs. Skiing is unique in that it's a sport you can enjoy with other people. When you hop on a lift, you talk. It makes it a unique product.

"These Vintage Ski Chairlifts Were Upcycled Into Chic Furniture"
Companies like Denver-based Ski Lift Designs are proving that upcycled ski furniture doesn’t have to be tacky. Instead, it can be downright inspired. Ski Lift Designs takes cast-away chairlifts and repurposes them into what co-founder Jacques Boiteau calls “interactive art.”

"Old Chairlifts Find New Purpose With Denver Startup"
If there’s a chairlift chair rusting in a junk pile in North America, Jacques Boiteau and his crew will find it. Since launching Ski Lift Designs last year, the four friends have collected 250 old chairlift chairs to re-purpose into indoor and patio furniture.

"This Company That Restores Old Chairlifts For Home Use Is Awesome"
Have you ever wanted to decorate your living space with an authentic chairlift but don’t want to go through the runaround of finding one and restoring it yourself?

"New Life Given to Old Ski Lift Chairs"
For Boiteau, his favorite part is the collaboration: "My favorite challenge is working with someone who has seen what we’ve done and said, ‘Here’s my vision.’ You and this customer come together and get to a point where our experiences and artistic visions come together. We get to a point where it’s a leap of faith for them and a leap of faith for us."

"A few Denver guys made a business out of refurbishing ski lift chairs"
There's a small business in Denver that takes old chairlifts and turns them into works of art that are being sold all over the world.

"Startup Collects Chairs From Old Ski Lifts, Turns Them Into Attractive Furniture"
No one has really taken them to the level that does these chairs justice...It’s an interesting process because no chair is the same … You hang it up and it’s not centered and not right.

"Cómo se dice Ski Lift en Español? This Spanish lifestyle magazine @fueradeserie knows how"
Skiers will recognize this hanging seat that is associated with the excitement of rising to views of snow capped mountains.

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