Will Ski Lift Designs refurbish a chair I already own?

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While the chairlift photos you see on Pinterest look great, getting your chair from behind the garage to refurbished is not easy, and we are here to help. Whether you are looking for only a mounting bracket or a complete restoration we can help you make your chairlift plans come alive. Send us an email of what you have, and we can schedule a consultation to make your chairlift become a reality.

Will Ski Lift Designs source chairs from my resort?

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We are always keeping our eyes open for hard to find ski chairs from individual resorts, or manufactures. Send us an email and we can help you track down the lift you grew up skiing on!

How do I know if my ceiling can hold a chair?

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Whether your house is a new build or a turn of the century classic it is important to make sure your house is suitable to hang a chair. Our chairs weigh ~150 lbs, and once installed should expect to have a load of ~600 lbs. Ski Lift Designs will work with your general contractor, or home builder to make sure you’re in the clear before purchasing a chair. If you are located in the greater Denver CO area we are able to schedule a consultation. Send us an email and let us know how we can help you.

What if the chair is taller than my ceiling?

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Included in the price of every chairlift we sell is a custom height adjustment to make sure your chairlift swings like you want it, and fits in the space you have available. Once you have purchased a chair, a SLD team member will reach out to you an conduct a consultation.

Does Ski Lift Designs offer custom colors?

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At ski lift designs we know every project is unique, and we strive to make our lifts be the centerpoint of any space. If you do not see the color you are looking for on the website, head over cardinal paint, or send us a RAL / Pantone color to match. Color samples are available upon request.

Are the ski chairs reproductions or real antique chairs?

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All of the lift chairs that Ski Lift Designs (SLD) sell are vintage and sourced from Ski Resorts around the country where they have previously lived a past life. When you purchase a chair from us, you know it is a piece of ski history, and not a reproduction.


Step 1: Find ceiling joists and determine size

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Porch and patio roof structures typically include horizontal joists that support the ceiling finish. Joists are often 2 x 6 or larger lumber, but they can be as small as 2 x 4.

If you have access to your porch structure through the attic, note the joist size and general placement. A 2 x 4 joist is 3-1/2 inches tall; 2 x 6 is 5-1/2 inches; 2 x 8 is 7-1/4 inches.

Without attic access, remove a piece of trim in the ceiling or cut a small hole to measure the joist depth. To hang a chair from a single joist or beam, it should be a 2 x 8 joist or 4 x 4 beam*.

Locate the joists from the underside of the ceiling with a stud finder, then confirm each location by drilling small holes at each side of the joist. Make a mark at both side edges of the joist so you can find its center for installing the anchor.

Step 2: Install mount

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Mounting kits are designed to installed to a set (2 or more) joist or beam running parallel to the length of the swing.

Position the mounting bracket over the center of the joist or beam, and mark through the predrilled holes for the lag screws.

Remove the mount and drill a pilot hole for each screw, using a bit that’s the same size as the screw’s shank (not the threads).

Install the mount with a minimum of 3-inch lag screws. Fasten ski lift mounting bracket to structure with fasteners and attachment points per local seismic building requirements.

Tighten the screws with a socket wrench or impact wrench.

Step 3: Hang chair on mount

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Once the mounting kit is installed the ski chair will be secured to the mount using the supplied Hex head bolt and hardware. To avoid scratching or damaging the chairs powder coat lay down a moving blanket or cardboard boxes on the ground.

Oil the securing hex head bolt with supplied lubricant or lubricant on hand (WD-40, chain oil).

Position the chair under the installed mount standing upright. Measure the distance from the chairs receiver to center of the mount.

Raise chair off the ground measured distance in a controlled manor. If possible set on hydraulic lift or box to reduce handling.

Align receiver with mount orifice and install bolt. Screw nut onto bolt and secure with 35-55 lb-ft. Note: If nut is over tightened chair will not swing properly.

Chair Care

Wood seats

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Wood finished for outdoor use is subject to a completely different set of factors that indoor finishes never have to deal with. Huge temperature swings, big changes in humidity, and punishing UV rays are the primary effects your finish will have to endure. So, for an exterior wood finishing solution we turned to boat makers and their years of experience caring for wooden elements with the harshest exposures in the world.

We seal our seats with a Marine Spar Varnish specifically designed to handle the tough environment. A spar varnish is a finish specifically designed withstand the rigorous conditions of seafaring life which means it can also handle anything your backyard throws at it. We recommend resurfacing you chair seat every 5 years, or as the finish requires.

Best cleaning options:

Dust the seat to remove surface dirt. Now you’re ready to remove light soiling. Start with the gentlest cleaner and move up to stronger ones as needed. Try mixing a weak solution of water and dishwashing soap. Dip a soft cloth in the solution, wring it out and wipe the entire seat. You want a damp cloth, not a wet one. Don’t saturate the wood, and rinse your cloth often. Take a second, clean cloth and dry the piece thoroughly.

Things to avoid:

The varnish is comprised of oils that repel moisture and protect the finish from UV radiation. If you apply any strong petroleum based cleaners you run the risk of stiping the varnish off the seat. Once you have washed the seat down with a gentle cleaner, wipe the wood down and avoid the opportunity for the water to soak into the wood.

Frame, Mount, Metal Seats

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Best cleaning options:

Perhaps the most efficient method of cleaning you chair lift is with a pressure washer using filtered water under low pressure. Mild detergent may be used, but do not use chlorine or harsh cleaning solutions. It is very important that low pressure be used in pressure cleaning. If the pressure is strong enough to move the metal surface, it may be strong enough to damage the finish as well.

If you are like most people and don’t have access to a power washer cleaned with a soft brush or cloth, using mild soap and very warm water. Soaps that have emulsifiers that break down common stains and are scum free are the best to use.

Just as your car benefits from semi-annual applications of wax, so will the finished surfaces of you chair. Lightly wax the coated surfaces with a high grade, non-abrasive car wax that contain U.V blocker and/or U.V. inhibitors.

Things to avoid:

It is a common misconception that solvents, and other petroleum based chemicals are good cleaners for powder coated surfaces like your chair is coated in. These chemicals can be very detrimental to the organic polymer based finish. They may clean well for a time, but they clean by removing micro layers of the finish. After a while, it becomes impossible to clean the surface using this method.


Delivery Rates

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Upon purchasing your chair, and as the refurbishment process nears completion, we will work closely with you, the customer, to schedule delivery. Delivery typically takes between four to seven business days. Ski Lift Designs only uses reputable and fully insured freight shippers in order to ensure a timely and successful delivery.

Due to each chair’s unique size, weight, and dimensions, (with the exception of the Standard Bench) home or office delivery is not available. Instead, chairs are delivered to a shipping center near you for convenient pickup

Expedited Delivery or Home Delivery

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Expedited or home/office delivery is very expensive and difficult to schedule. Therefore, customers requiring such a delivery are responsible for making all of the arrangements and covering all of the associated costs. We will assist as best we can to ensure delivery.

Free Local Pickup

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You're welcome to visit us at our workshop and pick up your finished chair absolutely free.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

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All sales are final. While we hope that you are completely satisfied with your shopping experience, to the extent permitted by law, we do not offer returns, merchandise credits, or exchanges. You can cancel an order within 48 hours of placing it. Reach out to support@skiliftdesigns.com with specific policy questions.

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