Design: Line and Form

There are seven elements that make up the concept of interior design: Space, Line, Form, Light, Color, Texture, and Pattern. When viewing a living or working area my eye is quickly drawn to the components of Line and Form. The Line defines the space and acts as a guide for the eye. Form can be found in the objects filling the room or the interactions of the textures and patterns that make up an area.

When thinking of ways to influence the design of a room, the frame of the Hall Double Chair takes the challenge head on. The Hall Lift shows evidence of a designer who was concerned with more than just the utility of a chair. The angled cross brace on top takes a traditionally geometric square shape and adds a bit of interest and catches my eye. At the top of the lift, a cable mount with spring tension-er makes the industrial feel of the chair complete.

I love to challenge our customers to think differently, to consider the design components of the chair. Our chairs ultimately define the spaces they occupy, like these bed frames that reside in a northwest Montana mountain house. The rugged texture and creative application of these vintage chair frames really elevate the room.

Reach out and see how we can move your designs forward.

-- Jacques Boiteau

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  • How can we order the wall mount bed frames?

    Andrea Stockard
  • Jacques, what an awesome concept! Love the seats in the Whole Foods!

    Kathy Bostrom
  • Very cool what people are doing with these ski lifts to create unique spaces!


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