Winter Park Wonder

Chairlift Type: Winter Park Leitner Poma Quad 
Mount: Dual Pedestal Base 
Seat: White Oak Semi Gloss Finish
Location: Denver, CO

Everyone who skis has a connection to a home mountain. Whether it's the one you grew up skiing with your parents and know like the back of your hand, or the mountain you have come to call home as a Colorado transplant, they all give you that nostalgic feeling when you clip in for the day. 

For our customer, Winter Park is that home mountain. When the resort pulled out one of their chairlifts, the couple jumped on the opportunity to bring it home. With a house under construction the couple had the opportunity to take a hallway that would have been fairly unremarkable, and add a truly unique touch.  

Utilizing the dual pedestal base, the large quad chair is attached directly to the cement slab giving it reliable stability in all directions. The chair is also placed in such a way that the safety bar is functional on the chairlift, but does not interfere with the walking path of the room.

Ski Chairlift install

A vibrant blue powder coat and white oak seat makes the chairlift an eye catching piece. The customer owned chairlift came a long way from Winter Park, and after a little TLC and navigating a few flights of stairs, is happily now a part of family who knows its former resort all to well.  

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