Eldora Triple Hall in The City

Chairlift Type: Hall Triple Chair
Mount: Custom Cable Grip Mount  
Seat: Upholstered 
Location: Denver, CO

Looking for a midweek front range Colorado ski day? Look no further than Eldora Ski Area. While my then girlfriend, now wife and co-owner, McCall was at CU Boulder I spent more than a few afternoons making turns at Eldora. From the cruisers off the front, to the trees off the back, and a great bar at the bottom, Eldora has a little of everything.

When a couple brought us their Triple Hall chair from Eldora, we reminisced about similar memorable ski days there. With a vision for a swing on their front porch, the final result combined a gloss red finish with an upholstered black backrest and seat. The custom cable grip mount matched the joists and allowed the chair to be centered in the front of their house. 

When we can bring the shared passion of two people together and make it an eye catching addition to their new house, our job is easy. 

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  • Do you all sell any unfinished chairs? Thank you


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