Washington Park Riblet

Chair Type: Riblet Double Chair
Mount: Custom Standard Mount
Seat: White Oak
Location: Washington Park Neighborhood, Denver, CO
Description: The addition of Ski Lift Design’s Riblet Double Chair brings this idyllic front porch to life. Framed by the large front porch, the chair is hung off two joists with a modified standard mount. The chair height was reduced by 22” to facilitate an 18” seat height.
At Ski Lift Designs, we only working with vintage chairlifts. The lines of the lift remain through our refurbishing process, and the clients vision comes through with the application of vivid colors, and warm wood.
Rather than match the colors of the house, this Riblet double chair covered in a new coat of YELLOW that makes any passerby turn their head. A statement piece to say the least, we keep coming back to this project as a way to bring a lift back to life!

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  • Hi!!! We just bought a home in Sunriver, OR…near Bend and Mt. Bachelor!

    I am looking to put a 2 person rocking lift chair, in red, on our porch, hanging from the overhang (like the one in the video). Not sure we are ready to buy now…but wound love to discuss!


    Emily Kanter

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