Ski Lift Type: Hall Triple Chair
Mount: Decorative Cable Grip & Legs
Seat: White Oak Wood with Custom Laser Etching 
Location: FREESKIER Office, Denver, CO


Description: When you're trying to spruce up the office vibe, and your business is covering the world of extreme skiing, not just any office chair will do. FREESKIER Magazine approached Ski Lift Designs to work together on bringing a classic lift into the space, while giving it a custom feel. 

In the case of the FREESKIER office, no good opportunity to hang the chair existed, so we opted to go with legs. 

A rich blue RAL 5011 powder coat finish lets the custom laser etched topographic line and FREESKIER logo seat stand out. The seat integrates positive and negative space to make the logo pop without losing the wood grain of the White Oak.

Unique to the Hall family of chairs is the spring actuated cable grip which brings an industrial feel back to the chair, and pays homage to the utilitarian purpose of a ski lift. 

No matter your business focus, Ski Lift Designs can help you add a unique piece to your office or home. Reach out with your ideas and we will be happy to help you make it happen. Email us at


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