We Love Chairlifts, But You Can't Beat the Skin Track!

SLD's good friend Jill Schneider has been the queen of pulling hut trip permits from the 10th Mountain Division's lottery system over the past few years. This year's trip was to Vance's Cabin, a cozy three-story log cabin situated high in the Rockies outside of Leadville, Colorado. With 18 good friends, glorious mountain views, and uncrowded runs, the trip is always something to look forward to, especially when it lands on St. Patrick's Day weekend. 
After last year's thigh burning 7 mile hike to Betty Bear Hut outside Aspen, Vance's mellow 3 mile hike in was a welcomed reprieve. Although we love skiing at resorts, spending time in the backcountry is a good change of pace from our busy lives. Plus, the stars out here are INCREDIBLE (photo by the talented Cory Madden):
Of course we love the group meals, non-stop melting snow for drinking water, sitting around the fire, and playing rounds of cards, but the weekend is always culminated by a one of a kind obstacle course! Don't take my word for it, Mark Mankivsky's video will blow your mind...
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