Villa Boréale

Situated in Quebec's Boreal forest, inspired by Scandinavian chalets, and driven by a love of nature, this enchanting contemporary ski cottage has captured our hearts. 

Cargo Architecture was included on the Villa Boréale project from the beginning, taking the impact on the land into consideration in their building choices. Incorporating an abundance of natural light and clean lines, the purity of the house seems to compliment the serene forest surrounding. 

Located near the ski area Le Massif de Charlevoix, a chairlift on the front porch emphasizes the family's skiing roots. The black matte finish on the Riblet chair matches the black steel accents and draws a stark contrast to the Eastern White Cedar siding. 

Our mission at Ski Lift Designs rings true in the Villa Boréale: modern design, connection to nature and a love of skiing. Whether you are in the design phase of your new house, or looking to add a chairlift accent to an existing chalet, Ski Lift Designs is here to help. 

Cheers - 

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