A Chairlift to a Different Kind of Diamond

Occasionally, we are privy to personal milestones of our clients are afforded the opportunity to assist in massive moments.  Our client, Luke, contacted us to install a Riblet Double chair he had secured from Keystone Resort in Colorado, refurbished and mounted with our Free-Standing Armature.  Almost immediately Luke informed us that he had planned to propose to his girlfriend, Sue, and was under a bit of a deadline.  

Our armature requires a concrete footing as a base, which once poured needs time to cure.  We worked closely with Luke to ensure that we could refurbish the chair, manufacture the armature, and take a trip to Berthoud pass to install it before the proposal date. 

We were able to get everything in order in time to install a week before Luke planned to propose.
It was a cold December day riddled with snow flurries, which added to the mystique from our perspective.  We had a lot of fun with this installation and testing of the chair to make sure it functioned properly. 
The location for the chairlift was beautiful.  Both the backdrop...
And the view...
We hear the proposal was as successful as the installation.  Congratulations to Luke and Sue. Very best of luck to you both!
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