Collaborative Office Space

Chairlift Type: Double Riblet Chairlift 
Mount: Pedestal with decorative ceiling mount      
Seat: Walnut
Location: Denver CO 

For those of us who are lucky enough to live in Colorado, inspiration and outdoor adventure awaits every Friday afternoon. Bringing that inspiration to the 9-5 grind is not as straight forward as the weekend 14er. Yet, with a little searching one can find other like-minded professionals looking to break the malaise of the corporate office. 

Leave it to a company who's slogan is "Love Your Office" to take that challenge head on. Early this year Level Office Coworking approached us during the design phase of their new Denver space.

Of course we think ski lifts and the Mile High City go hand in hand, but Level's vision for a collaborative, inspirational workspace that leveraged the mountain way of thinking quickly took shape. 

The discussion on placement, chair style, and finishes landed on two traditional Riblet Doubles finished with a walnut wood seat in the company's burnt orange signature color. The ceiling mount incorporated a section of steel cable line, and a pedestal base provided a sturdy working spot. 

It is well understood that interior design subconsciously affects our outlook and productivity, but also how people view the brand of the company owning the office. 

We are always excited to see our chairlifts find their new home, and just like the rides these two chairs are used to, we have no doubt that Level's new tenants will use them to spark conversation and to get their creative juices flowing. 

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