Desert Ski Lifts

While most people don't think of skiing when they think of Saguaro Cactus or Arizona, the state is actually home to several ski areas. From the most southern ski area in the United States at Mt Lemon in Tucson, to Arizona Snowbowl nestled amongst the pine trees of Flagstaff, Arizona offers a unique range of skiing adventures. 
On a recent trip to Scottsdale, we were thrilled when we stumbled upon two skilifts hanging on the front patio of this gorgeous southwestern abode:
The ski lifts not only create an intimate seating area for four, but also provide an exotic juxtaposition against the desert landscape. Finished in an earthy brown powder coat and adobe red cushions, the chairs compliment the scenery well. The Riblet center post hung facing the contrasting Riblet basketed double seems like serendipitous meeting of two chairs that belong together.  
At SLD, we love finding signs of fellow ski enthusiasts everywhere we go. And although we love riding chairlifts in the the frigid cold of winter with negative degree wind chills and icy snow pelting our faces, we're enjoying the view from here for now.  
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  • I recently moved to Scottsdale from Colorado and brought my Heron-Poma, Lenawee double chair from Arapahoe Basin with me. I had it mounted in my backyard of Westminster, Co since purchasing it from A-Basin in 2000/2001. When we retired I decided to bring it with me to Arizona. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing with it because we purchased a patio home. Is this a private Scottsdale home or somewhere I could go look at?

    Chris Hedegaard-Schou

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